Tashia M. Zeigler

Attorney at Law

Most businesses have a general counsel who advises on routine legal matters, oversees outside counsel on more complex work, and coordinates with management to create opportunity while limiting risk.  The cost of hiring in-house general counsel often means that small businesses and non-profit organizations may go without much-needed legal advice and counseling.  The Zeigler Firm offers another option by providing affordable and accessible legal counsel services.

She spent a decade working for the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection and pursuing legal actions against businesses.  As a result of that experience, The Zeigler Firm can provide an independent, candid analysis of the status of your company’s affairs and advise you and your company’s board of directors on the actions needed to minimize risks and grow the business without running afoul of the law. The Zeigler Firm provides guidance on the wide range of legal matters that companies and their owners encounter in all phases of their existence, with a particular focus upon assisting entrepreneurs in their start-up endeavors. We can act as corporate counsel on a flat-fee basis, monthly retainer basis, or hourly basis.

To discuss your options, contact The Zeigler Firm at 770-580-9013 to schedule a one-hour business or nonprofit consultation.  The fee for the business or nonprofit consultation is $100.  Consultation fees are credited towards the total fee if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation.

Services include:

  • Corporate formation and dissolution
  • Negotiating contracts, leases, licenses and other agreements
  • Nonprofit law
  • Structuring and negotiating joint ventures
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Counseling boards of directors
  • Registered agent services
  • Advising on shareholder and partnership issues