Tashia Zeigler is a consumer protection attorney who has been fighting for consumers in the State of Georgia for over 10 years.  Ms. Zeigler spent her first 5 years practicing law as a Staff Attorney with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection.  In that role she handled a wide range of areas, including credit repair fraud, false advertising, sweepstakes, and other business scams.

If you feel that you have been the victim of a deceptive act that violated your consumer rights, The Zeigler Firm may be able to help.

To discuss your options, contact The Zeigler Firm at 770-580-9013 to schedule a consumer case review.  Consultation fees are credited towards the total fee if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation.

Consumer law areas:

  • Auto fraud
  • False advertising
  • Recovering payments to credit repair or debt settlement companies
  • Layaway scams
  • Failing to deliver goods or services
  • Billing disputes
  • Disputes with homeowners or condo owners associations


We are here to help you protect your rights.  Contact The Zeigler Firm at 770-580-9013 for a consumer case review.