Tashia M. Zeigler

Attorney at Law

Tashia Zeigler is a consumer protection attorney who has been fighting for consumers in the State of Georgia for over 10 years.  Ms. Zeigler spent her first 5 years practicing law as a staff attorney with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection.  In that role she regularly pursued enforcement actions against car dealers, car manufacturers, debt settlement companies, and credit repair businesses.  In 2011, she was promoted to the Director of the agency’s Lemon Law and Dispute Resolution Division, where she developed an intimate understanding of Georgia’s Lemon Law and Rules.  She also trained Georgia’s arbitrators in the Lemon Law from 2012-2016.

Ms. Zeigler understands that owning a lemon car causes you and your family great stress and heartache.  It hurts both your pride and your wallet when your new vehicle is constantly in and out of the dealership for repairs.  She is committed to helping you through the process to have your concerns addressed and to getting you the compensation you deserve.

If you think that your new car or motor home is a lemon, contact The Zeigler Firm to schedule a lemon law case review.  The fee for the lemon law case review starts at $100 for a 60-minute consultation.  Consultation fees are credited towards the total fee if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation.

I worked for the agency that enforces the Georgia Lemon Law.  I spent 5 years training the Lemon Law arbitrators.  Now, I work for you.

– Tashia M. Zeigler, Esq.

Pursuing Your Claim: Should You Hire an Attorney?

Georgia’s Lemon Law process is intended to be self-help.  This means that the state legislature wanted you to be able to get your vehicle issue resolved without having to hire an attorney.  For some people, that will work.  Some issues, though, require an attorney’s expertise.  If you are unsure about whether to hire an attorney, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your issue require you to distinguish between a “defect” and a “condition”?
  • Are you comfortable with public speaking?
  • Do you understand the purpose of cross-examining the manufacturer’s witnesses?
  • Can you gather the best evidence to prove your claim?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then you should consider hiring an attorney.

Many Lemon Law attorneys offer free case consultations, while Ms. Zeigler charges $100 for her one-hour lemon law case review.  Some attorneys also get paid on a contingency basis—meaning they only get paid if you win.  Ms. Zeigler charges an up-front, flat fee for her lemon law cases.  This means that if the manufacturer wants to buy your lemon car back before arbitration or going to court, she won’t hold up your settlement until the manufacturer agrees to pay her fee.  And, since the Georgia Lemon Law allows you to recover attorney’s fees from the manufacturer, we can request reimbursement if you settle or ultimately win your case.

Make Your Case Stand Apart

Not every state’s Lemon Law is the same.  You want a lawyer who understands Georgia’s Lemon Law and its Rules.  Ms. Zeigler gained that knowledge as the Director of Georgia’s Lemon Law division.  Let her use her expertise with Georgia’s Lemon Law to get you the results you deserve.